How do I replace my security info?

To replace your security info

  1. Go to Security settings, and sign in with your Microsoft account.

  2. If you’re asked to enter a security code to continue, and you can’t get that code, choose I don't have any of these or I can't verify my account from the drop-down list, then follow the instructions.

  3. If you weren’t asked for a security code, you’ll see your security info under Security info helps keep your account secure. Choose Remove for any you want to remove, and add new security info when prompted.

When you remove all your security info, there’s a 30-day wait during which we help protect sensitive parts of your account so nobody can change your security settings or use your payment options. You can use your email, Skype, OneDrive, and devices as usual, though if you’ve turned on two-step verification, you’ll need to use a trusted device or app passwords you’ve set up for your devices.

After the 30-day wait, you’ll be notified that the wait is over and it’s time to enter new security info.

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