Windows 8, Windows RT

Do more with your photos and Windows


Bring your favorite moments to your PC. Sign in to Windows 8 or Windows RT with a Microsoft account and see all your photos—whether they're on Facebook, Flickr, SkyDrive, or on your PC—with the Photos app. You can use that app to import photos from your camera or phone, or take new photos and videos with the Camera app.

Make your photos look their best with photo editing apps from the Windows Store or with Photo Gallery. Once they look the way you want, you can share with your friends in just a few steps. Add a personal touch to your PC by using your favorite photo as your lock screen or for your picture password.

With Windows, your photos are always with you.

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Use the Camera app to take photos and videos with your PC's camera.

See how to browse or search the Windows Store for more photo apps.

Make the most of your photos with Photo Gallery and Windows 8.

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