Creators are powered by Windows

Josh Henderson is part visionary, part food entrepreneur. With the help of Windows, working across all his devices, he transformed the street food scene in Seattle and opened three restaurants of his own.

Starters are powered by Windows

Harley Sitner has a passion for vans, so he founded Peace Vans. Navigating with touch while he's tinkering under the hood, he uses Windows to keep his customers’ favorite Vanagons, Westfalias, and Dokas alive and well for the road ahead.

Makers are powered by Windows

Bianca Sanders’ first and favorite toys were a spoon and spatula. After working in her family’s restaurant and studying French pastry, she opened her own business – spoon, spatula, and always familiar Windows in hand.

Seven reasons to choose Windows


 1  Easy does it

 1  Easy does it

From Start to desktop to touch, it’s never been easier

With Windows 8.1, you can start from the desktop you’ve always known or the modern Start screen with apps as Live Tiles. You can use touch, your mouse or the keyboard – whatever’s easier. And you can use the accessories you want because Windows is compatible with nearly all of them. Plus, you can search your PC, the web, the cloud and apps at the same time with Bing Smart Search. Just access the Search charm from the right side of your screen.

 2  Get busy

Tools to help you get work done

Get Office and you’ll have the freedom to work virtually anytime, anywhere, on any device. Create documents with Office applications you know and trust, save them to the cloud, and edit and collaborate with others in real time with Office Online. Plus, multitasking split screens help you juggle when you need to, and Bing Smart Search helps you find the info fast no matter where it is.

Outlook icon    Word icon    Excel icon    OneNote icon    PowerPoint icon

 3  All the apps

The world of Windows apps

In the Windows Store you’ll find the apps you love, with new ones to discover every day. And built-in apps help you do more, like the Food + Drink app that gives you a hand in the kitchen, and the Photos app that lets you edit your shots in new ways.


Internet Explorer


 4   Make it personal

Tweak until it’s perfect

Customize Windows and make it yours. Choose your Start screen background, pin your favorite apps, games, folders, profiles or websites and organize it how you want. Josh tweaks everything until it’s just right. Much like he does with his restaurants’ menus.

 4   Make it personal

Make the tiles suit your taste

Some apps have Live Tiles so you can see updates in real time without even opening them. And you can adjust the placement and size of the tiles based on how important they are. Bianca adds a sprinkle of these and a dash of those.

 4   Make it personal

Transform your desktop

Want a hipper desktop? You can customize that too with stunning desktop backgrounds from around the world, and Windows themes featuring photo sets, color palettes, and sound design. Harley adds his own roadtrip photos, which also do the trick.

 5  Always connected

One Windows across your devices

With OneDrive, you have access to your music, movies, photos, documents, settings, Windows apps, even browsing history, across your devices, with 15 GB of free storage. That’s enough for roughly 255 hours of music, 20,000 Word documents, or 300,000 photos. In other words, it’s a lot.

You can use the same Microsoft Account on every device. This means you only need to remember one user ID and password, and your favorites and settings will automatically follow you from one device to the next.

 6  The fun of it

Xbox on Windows is your entertainment hub

Xbox is your complete entertainment center in the cloud, giving you access to your games, music, movies, iTunes libraries, and more – at home and on the go.

Xbox Games

Xbox Games has the titles you want and new arrivals every day. You can use touch with many games for a more immersive experience. And with Xbox Service, you can trash talk your friends, rocket up the leaderboard and more.

 7  Devices

The widest range of devices for every need, desire or budget


Get the productivity of a laptop and the fun of a tablet in one device. With a Windows 2 in 1, you can touch or type, based on where you are and what you’re doing.


With giant touch screens, vivid displays and plenty of power and storage, the Windows all-in-one has become the productive headquarters, movie screen, and family entertainment center, in one.


From the small and wallet-friendly 7” to the 12” powerhouse, a Windows tablet has the portability to keep you productive and free to roam with your movies, music, games, email, and web just a click away.


From multi-mode Ultrabooks with high-definition displays to colorful devices with great battery life, Windows laptops give you great experiences for work and play.