Submit a genuine Windows technical support request

The Windows Activation support team can help with technical issues that can’t be resolved by following the instructions on the validation failure page or running online diagnostics. Support for technical problems related to activation or validation is available at no charge, and most support requests receive a response within one business day.

How to submit a technical support request

  1. Open the Microsoft Genuine Advantage diagnostic tool. Click Run, and then click Continue.

    The tool will scan your computer, and then give you a summary of your computer's settings and system details that will help the support team understand the problem.

    To copy your results to the Clipboard, click Copy.

  2. Visit the Microsoft Support page to see what type of technical support is available in your area.

  3. If you choose e‑mail support, follow the prompts to submit your support request. Note that you may be prompted to download an ActiveX control. This is not required and you can continue without installing this control.

    • Enter your contact information.

    • Enter the following information in the Problem Description text box:

      • Paste the information copied from the diagnostic tool in Step 1 above. To do this, right-click in the text box, and then click Paste.

      • If you have additional details or comments for the support team, type them at the end of the same text box.

      • If possible, also include the product key found on your Windows Certificate of Authenticity (COA). The product key can often assist our support engineers in quickly determining the cause of your validation issue. To see examples of COA labels, go to the Microsoft How to Tell website.

    • Fill in any additional information requested on the page and click Submit. Your request will be sent to the Windows Activation technical support team. You will receive a confirmation number via e‑mail that you can save for future reference.

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