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Outlook.com sharing with OneDrive

Your Outlook.com inbox comes with 15 GB of free online storage on OneDrive for your files and photos. Once your files are in your OneDrive, you can get to them from the OneDrive website or by using a OneDrive app. Learn more about OneDrive

The Microsoft account you use to sign in to Outlook.com automatically signs you in to OneDrive as well. To access your OneDrive, click the arrow next to Outlook at the top of your inbox.

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Then click OneDrive.

Outlook.com, People, Calendar, and OneDrive

On the OneDrive website, you can create folders and drag files and photos into them. You can also share files and folders by inviting specific people or by getting a link. You can paste the link anywhere, like in an email, or post it directly on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

OneDrive works with Office

You can create, edit, and share Office docs with other people right from OneDrive, even if you don’t have Office installed. Learn more

To get back to your Outlook.com account, just click the arrow next to OneDrive, and then click Outlook.com.

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Learn more about OneDrive, your free file, video, and photo storage in the cloud.

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