Change the layout of On-Screen Keyboard

On-Screen Keyboard displays a virtual keyboard on the computer screen that allows people to type data using a pointing device or joystick. You can adjust the layout, alignment, or number of keys that appear on On-Screen Keyboard. Here's how:

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To select a keyboard layout using your mouse

  • Open On-Screen Keyboard, click the Keyboard menu, and then select the layout options that you want.

To select a keyboard layout using your keyboard

  1. Open On-Screen Keyboard and display the Keyboard menu by pressing Alt+K.

  2. You can adjust your On-Screen Keyboard using the following options:

    • Select Enhanced Keyboard by pressing E.

    • Select Standard Keyboard by pressing S.

    • Select Regular Layout by pressing R.

    • Select Block Layout by pressing B.

    • Select 101 keys by pressing 1.

    • Select 102 keys by pressing 2.

    • Select 106 keys by pressing 6.