Svchost.exe is a process on your computer that hosts, or contains, other individual services that Windows uses to perform various functions. For example, Windows Defender uses a service that is hosted by a svchost.exe process.

There can be multiple instances of svchost.exe running on your computer, with each instance containing different services. One instance of svchost.exe might host a single service for a program, and another instance might host several services related to Windows. You can use Task Manager to view which services are running under each instance of svchost.exe.

To view which services are currently running under svchost.exe

  1. Open Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar, and then clicking Start Task Manager.

  2. Click the Processes tab.

  3. Click Show processes from all users. Administrator permission required If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

  4. Right-click an instance of svchost.exe, and then click Go to Service(s). The services associated with the process are highlighted on the Services tab.


  • If you install a program and begin receiving notices that Data Execution Prevention (DEP), a security feature of Windows, is closing svchost.exe or other Windows processes, the cause could be services or extensions created by the program. Check with the publisher of the program to see if there is an updated, DEP-compatible version available, or try uninstalling the program. For more information, see Data Execution Prevention: frequently asked questions.

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