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Accelerators give you a quick way to complete common web tasks—watch this video to see how
How many steps does it take with your current browser to find a map for a street address, translate a word, or perform other routine online tasks? It probably involves cutting and pasting information from one webpage to another. But there's a better way. Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8 help you quickly perform your everyday browsing tasks without having to navigate to other websites to get things done. Simply highlight text from any webpage, and then click the blue Accelerator button Accelerator button that appears above your selection to get driving directions, translate and define words, email content to others, search with ease, and more. For example, using the "Map with Bing" Accelerator in Internet Explorer 8, you can get an in-place view of a map displayed directly on the page.
Internet Explorer 8 includes a number of useful Accelerators to help get you started. To find additional Accelerators, click the Accelerator button Accelerator button‍, point to All Accelerators, and then click Find More Accelerators, or visit the Internet Explorer Add-ons Gallery. Accelerators from Bing, eBay, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Amazon, Facebook, and others sites are available for you to customize the browser in a way that works best for you.
Using Accelerators in Internet Explorer 8 to find a map for a street address
Find a map for a street address in a single click with Accelerators

For more information, see Using Accelerators to find addresses, define words, and do other tasks with selected text.

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