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If you’re like most folks, you have a lot going on in your life. Mail and Calendar apps can help by bringing all your accounts together—you can see all your email and events in one place. You can even send or reply to mail and it will come from your original account.

You can add accounts from, Gmail, AOL, Yahoo!, and even your work email. Here's how:

  1. Sign in to your PC with your Microsoft account and open the Mail app.

  2. In the Mail app, use the Settings charm to access the Settings menu.

  3. Tap or click Accounts, and then tap or click Add an account.

  4. Tap or click the type of account you'd like to add.

  5. Enter your email address and password for the account, then tap or click Connect.

  6. Repeat steps 2 through 5 for each account you want to add.


  • Starting January 30, 2013, things might work differently for Gmail because Google has indicated that it intends to stop support for new EAS (Exchange ActiveSync) connections in some scenarios. For more info, see How to sync Google services with Windows.

  • The Mail app doesn't support POP3 email accounts.


The Mail app can help you stay on top of your email throughout the day. Keep your inbox neat and organized by sorting email into different folders. Find important messages faster by flagging them. You can even pin a favorite email account or folder to your Start screen.

To do this…
… follow these steps

Create a new folder

  1. Open the app commands, and then tap or click Folder options.

  2. Tap or click New folder.

  3. Enter the name of your new folder and tap or click Create folder.

Move email to folders

  1. Tap or click the email you want to move.

  2. Open the app commands, and then tap or click Move.

  3. Click the folder you want to move the email to.

Flag important email

  1. Tap or click the message you want to flag.

  2. Open the app commands, and then tap or click Flag.

  3. Once you've dealt with the message, open the app commands and then tap or click Remove flag.

Pin a favorite mail folder to your Start screen

  1. In the Mail app, tap or click the account name or folder you want to pin.

  2. Open the app commands, and then tap or click Pin to Start.

  3. Edit the name that will appear on the Start screen if you want, then tap or click Pin to Start.


The Calendar app helps you stay organized and in control of your busy schedule. See your work and personal calendars all at the same time, all in one place.

When you add your email accounts to the Mail app, calendars for those accounts are automatically added to the Calendar app.

Schedule meetings

If you're creating a meeting from your Outlook account, you might be able to see when people are free or busy and schedule a meeting according to their availability. For more info, see Calendar app for Windows: FAQs

Keep up with what's going on

Lock screen showing notifications for calendar and mail

Get notifications on your lock screen for birthdays and other events from your Calendar and your social networks.

  • Open the Settings charm, then tap or click Change PC settings.

  • Tap or click Personalize.

  • Under Lock screen apps, tap or click a plus sign, and then tap or click Calendar.

  • Tap or click Notifications and make sure Calendar is On.

Clear calendar clutter

You can show only the calendars you need.

  1. In the Calendar app, open the Settings charm, then tap or click Options.

  2. Show or Hide individual calendars.

You can also set your calendar to display by the day, week or month. In the Calendar app, open app commands, and then tap or click Day, Work week, Week, or Month.

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