Using location and other sensors

By using sensors, programs on your computer can customize information and services for you based on your computer's current location, surroundings, and more. For example, with a location sensor and your computer, you may be able to find a nearby restaurant, get directions to that restaurant, send the directions to a friend, and then follow the directions on a map as you travel to your destination. For more information about different types of sensors, see What is a sensor?

Programs can access information from a sensor once it's installed and enabled on your computer. Programs can then store or use that information to help you with everyday tasks or to improve your computer experience. To help prevent all programs and user accounts from accessing information from a sensor, you can disable the sensor. For more information, see Enable or disable a sensor.

Because some programs may send personal information over network connections, you can enable or disable a sensor only when you are logged on to Windows with an administrator account.

You may want to limit access to personal information about certain users on your computer. For more information, see Change who can access information from a sensor.

For more information about privacy, see How does a sensor affect my privacy?