Which connection method should I use in Windows Remote Assistance?

You can connect to the another person’s computer by:

  • Using Easy Connect.

  • Using an invitation file.

Easy Connect is the best method if both computers are running Windows 7 and are connected to the Internet. Use an invitation file if both computers are not running Windows 7.

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Using Easy Connect

Easy Connect is a way to connect two computers that are running Windows 7 without the need to send an invitation file. The first time you use Easy Connect, the person requesting assistance receives a password to give to the person offering assistance. With this password, the helper can directly connect the two computers. Once a connection between the two computers has been made using Easy Connect, contact information is exchanged between the computers. The next time you want to connect for another Remote Assistance session, you won't need to exchange a password. You can quickly click the person's contact name to establish a connection..

Using an invitation file

With this option, the person requesting assistance provides an invitation file to the person offering help. An invitation file is a special type of Remote Assistance file that you can use to connect to another person's computer. The person requesting help must create the invitation file on his or her computer by opening Remote Assistance and selecting Invite someone you trust to help you. Then that person must send the invitation file to the person offering assistance and provide the password associated with it.

There are two ways to send an invitation file:

  • Send it in an e-mail message.

  • Save it to a disk, a memory device such as a USB flash drive, or a network location.