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CBS Sports Fantasy icon
See all your teams in one place and dominate your league.
Assassin's Creed Pirates icon
Challenge empires, fight naval battles, and make your fortune.
The New York Times Crossword icon
Enjoy the same puzzles printed in the paper.
Kno Textbooks icon
Over 200,000 eTextbooks for students from kindergarten to college.

What apps do we have?

The Windows Store has apps for just about everything you do. Watch a short video about the amazing variety of apps available to you, or search for a particular app.

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Facebook icon
The official app. Stay in touch, get updates, and chat.
Halo: Spartan Assault icon
A new touch-based shooter exclusively for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.
Urbanspoon icon
Find restaurants in your city, now with integrated Bing smart search.
Netflix icon
  • The world's leading subscription service for watching TV and movies.

TripAdvisor icon
  • Browse reviews and find deals on airfare, hotels, and restaurants.

Amazon icon
  • Buy, search, compare, read reviews, and share with an elegant interface. Personal Finance icon
Popular app that makes it easy to track and manage your money.
Adobe Photoshop Express icon
Fun, fast, on-the-go photo editing. Perfect for touch.

More apps are in the Windows Store. App availability may vary by region. Apps for Windows 8 will also work on Windows 8.1.

Built-in apps

Right out of the box, Windows 8.1 comes with apps to do all the basics and a lot more. There are apps to stay in touch, save your files to the cloud, and keep track of your photos and videos in new and easy ways.

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