Lenovo Flex 15

Starting at $629–$799 *

This flexible laptop will bend over backwards for you. The Lenovo Flex 15 is the perfect accessory for an on-the-go lifestyle.

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Selected imageLenovo Flex 15
Lenovo Flex 15

Flip it back

Flip back the screen by up to 300 degrees to watch your favorite movie at home, or flip it forward into laptop mode to prepare presentations in the office.

Lenovo Flex 15
Lenovo Flex 15

Long lasting

The Flex 15 laptop was designed with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind—the battery life of up to 9 hours will keep you going throughout your day.

Lenovo Flex 15

Loud and clear

Dolby Advanced Audio with customizable audio settings turns your music into a cinematic surround-sound experience—with less distortion and greater clarity, your tunes come through loud and clear.

Get the best of both worlds with a 2 in 1 PC

Your tablet and PC in one

Windows 8.1 is designed for touch and mouse and keyboard, so you can work, play, and multitask in cool new ways and still get things done the way you’re used to.

Your entertainment center

Choose from thousands of apps and games in the Windows Store—many of them are free. Use your PC in laptop mode when you have work to do and then undock the tablet for 1:1 presentations or to unwind with the latest TV shows, movies, games, and music.

It’s your PC, even when everyone else uses it

With Windows 8.1, if multiple people use your PC, everyone gets their own account, so everybody’s stuff stays the way they want it. Not only that, your files, apps, and settings follow you to any other Windows 8.1 PC or tablet that you sign in to.

Faster startup and longer battery life

With a new 2 in 1 PC, you can start up quicker than ever and your apps will run faster. New Windows 8.1 PCs and tablets use less power and have longer battery life, so you can do more on a single charge.

Tech specs

Battery life

Up to 9 hours


5.1 lbs


14.9" x 10.7" x 0.87"

Screen size and resolution

15.6", 1366 x 768



Hard drive size



8 GB


Intel Core i7


Optional NVIDIA® GeForce® graphics

All technical specs have been provided by the PC manufacturer. Technical specs, including variations in color, vary by retailer and by country or region.

* Price range based on retailers featured on this website. We check with retailers frequently for price updates but all prices are subject to change at any time. Please visit the retailer’s site for current price.

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