Forgotten password and other sign-in problems

If you're having a problem signing in to your Microsoft account, there are several things you can try to identify and fix the problem.

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Troubleshoot your sign-in problem

Run the Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter

The Microsoft Accounts troubleshooter is an automated tool that can find and automatically fix some problems. It's only available in English, but will work in all languages.

Sign in on a different PC

See if you can sign in to your account on a different PC. For example, if you normally use your PC at home, try using a different PC on a different Internet connection. If you can sign in on that PC, it's possible that there has been a temporary issue with your connection, PC, or web browser settings.

Here are some things that you can try to fix the problem with your usual PC:

  • Restart your PC.

  • Check to see if your PC’s date and time are set correctly.

  • Set your web browser to accept third-party cookies.

Sign in to other Microsoft sites or services

See if you can sign in to other Microsoft sites or services, such as, OneDrive, or Xbox LIVE. If you can sign in to one of these sites, the issue is likely with the site you were trying to sign in to, not with your account.

Check your firewall and antivirus programs

Check the documentation for the firewall or antivirus programs you're using, to see if they might be blocking the site you’re trying to access.

Reset your password

If you forgot your Microsoft account password or know it but still can’t sign in, you might need to reset it. First, check to make sure that your Caps Lock isn’t on, because passwords are case-sensitive. If you’re sure you’re using the right password, but still can’t sign in, your account might be compromised.

To reset your password

  • Go to the Reset your password page, and follow the instructions.

    If none of the reset options are available to you, choose I can't use any of these options. You can still fill out a questionnaire to recover your account, but this might take some time.

After you’ve reset your password, it’s a good idea to add as much security info as you can to help make your account more secure. If you forget your password, or if someone else tries to take over your account, you can use this info to get your account back. To learn more, see Why do I need to add security info?