Change an ink or toner cartridge

If your printer runs out of ink or if it prints faint or blurry copies, you probably need a new ink or toner cartridge. There is no universal method in Windows to change ink or toner cartridges because the procedure varies by printer. To find out which cartridges to use and how to change them, check the information that came with the printer.

If you print in both color and black and white, you might be able to print using only one cartridge until you can replace the empty cartridge. If you plan to purchase a cartridge, make sure you know the name and model number of the cartridge or cartridges you need. This information might be listed on the cartridge that you're using or in the information that came with your printer.

If you're not sure which ink or toner cartridge you need, go to the printer manufacturer's website and look for information about your printer. You might be able to purchase new cartridges online from the printer manufacturer or another reputable website. You can also remove the cartridge that you're currently using and take it to a retailer where you can get help finding a new cartridge.