Troubleshoot problems with sending a movie in an e‑mail message

Here are solutions to some common problems with sending a movie in an e‑mail message in Windows Movie Maker.

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Can my movie be too large to send as an e‑mail attachment?

Yes. You may have difficulty sending a large movie file for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Many e‑mail providers place a file size limit on e‑mail message attachments. To find any size limits that your e‑mail provider has set for sending files as e‑mail attachments, contact your e‑mail provider. To work around the e‑mail provider's attachment file size limit, you can remove some items from the storyboard/timeline in your project and then publish your movie again to decrease your movie's file size.

  • Windows Movie Maker might be configured to limit e‑mail attachment size. To change this setting, do the following:

    1. Click Tools, and then click Options.

    2. Click the Advanced tab, and then in the Maximum file size for sending a movie as an attachment in an e‑mail message box, select the maximum file size you want to allow.

I can't seem to attach the movie I make to an e‑mail by using Publish Movie. What is wrong?

E‑mail programs that are not MAPI compliant will not allow attachments to be automatically appended to e‑mail messages. Your default e‑mail program may not be MAPI compliant. To workaround this issue, you can try to manually attach the movie to an e-mail message or use a different e-mail program.

To manually attach the movie to an e‑mail message

  1. After your movie has been created but not yet sent as an attachment to an e‑mail message, click Save a copy of my movie on my computer.

  2. In the File name box, type a name for your saved movie file, and then click Save.

  3. Start your e‑mail program, create a new message, and then attach the saved movie file to the message.

  4. Send the message with the attached movie.

To use a different e‑mail program

  • Specify a new e‑mail program that allows attachments to be automatically appended to e‑mail messages, start Publish Movie again, and then click E‑mail to try to send your movie as an e‑mail attachment.

    For more information about choosing your default e‑mail program, see Change the default e‑mail program in Windows Help and Support.