With Windows Mobility Center, you can quickly access your mobile PC settings in one convenient location. For example, you can adjust the speaker volume of your mobile PC, check the status of your wireless network connection, and adjust the display brightness—all from one location.

To open Windows Mobility Center

  • Open Windows Mobility Center by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Mobile PC, and then clicking Windows Mobility Center.

Quickly adjust your mobile PC settings

It's no longer necessary to remember where settings are located in Control Panel, which is especially helpful when you're quickly adjusting settings to use your mobile PC in different places—such as traveling from your desk to a meeting, or going from your home to the airport. Adjusting these settings from one location saves you time—whether you're using your mobile PC for business or personal use.

Mobility Center consists of several of the most commonly used mobile PC settings. Depending on your system, some, but perhaps not all, of the following tiles appear in the Mobility Center window:

  • Brightness.  Move the slider to temporarily adjust the brightness of your display. To adjust the display brightness settings for your power plan, click the icon on the tile to open Power Options in Control Panel.

  • Volume.  Move the slider to adjust the speaker volume of your mobile PC or select the Mute check box.

  • Battery Status.  View how much charge remains on your battery or select a power plan from the list.

  • Wireless Network.  View the status of your wireless network connection or turn your wireless adapter on or off.


    • If the Turn Wireless On button on the Wireless Network tile is unavailable, you may need to use the hardware switch on your computer to turn on the wireless adapter. For more information about turning the wireless adapter on and off, see your computer manufacturer's documentation.

  • Screen Rotation.  Change the orientation of your Tablet PC screen, from portrait to landscape, or vice versa.

  • External Display.  Connect an additional monitor to your mobile PC or customize the display settings.

  • Sync Center.  View the status of an in-progress file sync, start a new sync or set up a sync partnership, and adjust your settings in Sync Center.

  • Presentation Settings.  Adjust settings, such as the speaker volume and the desktop background image, for giving a presentation.

If you need to make additional adjustments to your mobile PC settings that require you to access Control Panel, click the icon on a tile to open Control Panel for that setting. For example, you can select an existing power plan from the Battery Status tile, or you can click the icon on the tile to open Power Options in Control Panel to create a power plan.

Picture of the Windows Mobility Center window
Windows Mobility Center


  • Some tiles in Mobility Center are added by your mobile PC manufacturer. To learn more, check the information that came with your mobile PC or go to the manufacturer’s website.

  • If a tile doesn't appear, it may be because the required hardware (such as a wireless network adapter) or drivers are missing.