Find recently visited webpages

The following table describes the different ways you can find recently visited webpages.

Do this

Return to the webpage you just left

Click the Back button.

Picture of the Back button

View the history of webpages you've visited previously in Internet Explorer

Click the Favorites button, and then click the History tab. Click the site you want to visit.

The history listing can be sorted by date, site name, most frequently visited, or most recently visited by clicking the list that appears under the History tab.

Return to one of the webpages you visited during this session

Click the arrow to the right of the Forward button, and then select from the list to get back to a previously visited page.

Picture of the Forward button

Display the Favorites Center all the time

Click the Pin button Picture of the Pin the Favorites Center button in the Favorites Center.

Return to web addresses that you've typed into the Address bar

Click the Show Address bar AutoComplete arrow at the end of the Address bar to display a list of web addresses that you have previously typed into the Address bar. You can also start typing and Internet Explorer will suggest matches.

Picture of the show Address bar AutoComplete button
Show Address bar AutoComplete button

Open your last browsing session

Click the Tools button, and then click Reopen Last Browsing Session.

Open tabs you've closed since starting Internet Explorer

Click the New Tab button, and then, under Reopen closed tabs, click the webpage you want to open.

Picture of the New Tab button
New Tab button

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