Unusual activity in my account

If you were directed to this page it’s because you tried to send an email message from your Outlook.com account after being notified that your account was temporarily blocked.

Why was my account blocked?

We noticed unusual activity in your account, so we temporarily blocked it. We know that having your account blocked can be frustrating, and we apologize for the inconvenience, but it’s an import tool to help us protect all of our customers, including you, from junk email and online fraud.

  • As part of the unblocking process, you’ll need to change your password. Get more info on how to create a strong password.

  • There’s a link to contact support below, but it can take 24 hours or longer to unblock via support. There might be a few things you can try that will get you unblocked much faster.

Unblocking your account online

In many cases, the quickest way to get your account unblocked is online, by requesting and then entering a code. If you haven’t tried unblocking your account online, we recommend you start there.

  1. If you’re signed in to your blocked account, sign out.

  2. Go to https://account.microsoft.com, sign in to your blocked account and follow the instructions on the page.

Requesting a code be sent to your phone

You might be reluctant to give us your phone number. We understand—we’re all deluged with marketing these days. We’ll just say this: Microsoft never sells your security info or uses it for marketing or any other purpose. Period. We respect your privacy.

If the code is sent via text message, it’s the numbers in the body of the message, not the numbers in the header.

Text message with code.

If the code is sent via an automated voice message, be ready to write it down.


  • Text message delivery isn't available in all countries or regions, or from all providers.

  • Because of network delays, it might take a few minutes to receive the text message with your code. If you haven't received it after 15 minutes, request another one.

  • To help foil hackers, there's a daily limit on the number of times you can request a code. If you reach the limit, you'll need to wait 24 hours to request a new code.

If you still don’t want to give us your phone number, you’ll need to contact support via the link below.

Contact support

If you can't unblock your account using a code, you can contact support via an online form. To reach the support page, you must be signed in to your account.

You’ll need to enter some info into the online form. Once we've receive it, a Microsoft customer service representative will contact you via email within 24 hours, either with instructions on how to unblock your account or to request further info. You’ll continue to get further emails with updates until your account is unblocked.

Contact support

Once you’ve got your account unblocked, you can get more info on how to help protect your account.

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