Uninstalling programs: frequently asked questions

Here are answers to some common questions about uninstalling programs. For more information, see Uninstall or change a program, Install a program, and Installing programs: frequently asked questions.

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How do I uninstall a program that isn't listed under Programs and Features?

Only programs written for Windows will appear in Programs and Features. If you don't see the program listed and you want to uninstall the program, check the information that came with your program, or go to the manufacturer's website. Most programs install automatically in the C:\Program Files folder. Look in this folder—some programs also include an uninstall program that you can use.

Access to certain Windows programs can be controlled by using Windows Features in Control Panel. For more information, see Turn Windows features on or off.

What does it mean to "change" a program?

Some programs in Programs and Features can, in addition to being installed or uninstalled, be changed or repaired. By clicking Change, Repair, or Change/Repair (depending on the button displayed), you can install or uninstall optional features of the program. Not all programs use the Change buttons; many offer only Uninstall.

What can I do if a program won't uninstall?

If the program doesn't uninstall completely the first time, sometimes running the uninstall program a second time will succeed.

If that doesn't work, try uninstalling the program while Windows is running in safe mode.

If you installed the program recently, you can try using System Restore to return your computer's system files to an earlier date before you installed the program.