More media, more places

Music. Pictures. Movies. TV. Enjoy it all in Windows 7.

With Windows Media Player, you can stream music and video around your house. Watch this video to learn how. (2:53)

A co-worker asks to see pictures from your recent vacation. You'd love to! There's just one hiccup:

They're all back home on your PC.

Sound familiar? If you've ever found yourself pining for photos, music, or video on your home PC while you're away, Windows 7 has the perfect solution: Remote Media Streaming.

This new feature provides easy and secure access to your media library over the Internet, so you can enjoy it from a coffee shop, airport lounge, friend's place—just about anywhere, really.

Play more, watch more

It's just one of the ways Windows 7 makes it easier to enjoy your collection of music, photos, and movies. For example, Windows 7 also now plays more media formats—including unprotected songs from your iTunes library and video from popular digital cameras and high-definition camcorders like Flip.

It also includes a spiffed-up version of Windows Media Center, which some call the hidden gem of Windows. Equip your PC with a TV tuner and now you can watch, pause, or record high-definition TV.

Singing in the kitchen

Singing in the kitchen

If you have more than one PC in the house with Windows 7, your entertainment options expand dramatically. Craving some classic rock to cook by? No problem. The new Play To option can stream The Beatles from your bedroom PC to the kitchen laptop.

Play To can even send music or video to a TV or stereo (might require additional hardware). With Windows 7, you'll never be bored again.