Why won't Windows Remote Assistance connect when I click a contact name?

If the person that you want to help appears in the contact list, but you can't connect to the contact, then it is likely that the person hasn't invited you yet. In order to use Windows Remote Assistance to help someone, the person that you want to help must first invite you. To invite you using Easy Connect, the person must start Remote Assistance, and then click your name in their contact list. If you click a contact name before being invited, Remote Assistance continuously checks to see if your contact has invited you to connect. Note that you must be logged on to the same computer with the same user name that you used the first time you used Easy Connect.

If you're still unable to connect to a contact using Easy Connect, you can try using the Remote Assistance troubleshooter by clicking Troubleshoot in the Remote Assistance dialog box. The Remote Assistance troubleshooter is only available on computers running Windows 7. For more information, see Windows Remote Assistance: frequently asked questions.

If you're still having problems after running the Remote Assistance troubleshooter, ask the person you're trying to help to create a new connection using Easy Connect.