Windows Update error 733F

If you receive Windows Update error 733F while trying to install updates, the installation program can't start the SQL Server services. This can happen for several reasons:

  • The user account password has expired.

  • The user account isn't valid.

  • The user account doesn't have permission to start the service.

  • There's a problem with the service.

To help you determine which service isn't starting, view the summary.txt file that's created at %programfiles%\Microsoft SQL Server\90\Setup Bootstrap\Log\Hotfix.

Once you've identified which service is failing, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Start button Picture of the Start button, click Control Panel, and then, in the search box, type Administrative tools.
  2. Click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Services.

  3. Right-click the SQL Server service that is causing the problem, and then click Start.

  4. If the service doesn't start, try resetting the password for the user account, and then try to start the service again.

For more information, see this Knowledge Base article on the Microsoft Help and Support website.

For additional help, post your summary.txt file listed above to the SQL Server Setup and Upgrade forum.

Error codes this applies to:

  • WindowsUpdate_733f

  • WindowsUpdate_00000733f

  • 733f

  • 0x00000733f