All Microsoft email apps and services help you send, read, and reply to email, and stay organized. They all also include calendars and contact lists. So which one is right for you?

Each app or service has different advantages, depending on which features are most important to you. The following options are available for Windows 8.

Mail app

Mail app
The Mail app brings all your email accounts together:
  • Manage your email, contacts, and calendar (with the Calendar and People apps), all free as part of Windows 8 or Windows RT.

  • See email from different accounts in one place—, Google, AOL, Yahoo!, and even your work email.*

  • Get to your email when you're offline, which is great for internet access that is metered or dial-up.

  • Preview incoming mail without opening the app by pinning an account to your Start screen.

* The Mail app does not support POP3 email accounts.

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Microsoft Outlook
The Outlook desktop app is part of the Office suite:
  • Get Outlook when you purchase an Office 365 subscription or Office suite, or buy as a standalone.

  • Use powerful features to manage your work email, contacts, calendar, and tasks.

  • Connect to corporate email servers.

  • See other people's busy/free times to schedule meetings.

  • Read and compose email when you're offline.

Learn more is a free, personal webmail service:
  • Access your email, calendars, and contacts from any connected device.

  • Keep your inbox tidy with automated tools like Sweep and one-click Unsubscribe.

  • Create new email addresses to use for specific purposes.

  • Connect to your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn contacts directly from your inbox.

  • Use your Hotmail or Gmail email address from inside your account. Enjoy all the features, without the hassle of changing your address.

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Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail
Windows Live Mail is a free desktop email app that’s part of Windows Essentials:
  • Get a free, one-stop dashboard for all your mail, including, Google, AOL, and Yahoo!.

  • Use your email address from, Xfinity, Road Runner,, Verizon, ATT, or other email providers that use POP3.

  • Access your email, calendars, and contacts even when you're offline, great for internet access that is metered or dial-up.

  • Have an email experience similar to Outlook Express (which is no longer supported or available).

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