Download Manager

Keep your downloads in order with Download Manager

Internet Explorer 9 has an integrated way for you to access, monitor, and interact with the files you download: Download Manager. It's a single program that lets you see the status of your downloads, provides information about whether they might be potentially harmful, offers a full range of security checks on the downloaded files, and shows you the final location of your downloads.

Download Manager is integrated with the Windows download folder. It's an easy way to interact with file downloads, which means you can sort, print, or send your downloads to another location, just as you would with other files. You can also use Download Manager to control your downloads, including everything from running or opening files to pausing or canceling downloads. You can even delete downloads from Download Manager.

Download Manager also works with SmartScreen Filter to help protect you from malicious downloads. Potentially risky downloads are immediately blocked. Download Manager then clearly identifies higher risk programs so that you can make an informed decision to delete, run, or save the download.

Whether downloading a small file or several large files, you can still browse without interruption. And if a download is interrupted, you'll be able to quickly resume downloading the next time you start Internet Explorer 9. So if you encounter a network connection problem or have to shut down your computer, you can pick up right where you left off.