Change and manage search providers

When you first install your browser, you might have only one search provider installed. But you might find that you want to use multiple providers, or switch your default provider. In Internet Explorer 9, you can add multiple search providers right from the Address bar.

To add providers, begin typing search terms in the Address bar. In the drop-down list that appears, click Add, and then choose the search providers you want to add. If you want the provider to offer search suggestions, be sure to select the Use search suggestions from this provider check box.

Adding search providers from the Address bar
You can add search providers from the Address bar

For each search provider you add, a button is displayed in the drop-down list from the Address bar. This makes switching between providers during a browsing session easy and fast. All you have to do is click a button to switch your search to that provider.

To change your default provider, remove a provider, switch the order of the buttons in the search box, or see what other management options are available, click the Tools menu, click Manage Add-ons, and then, under Add-on Types, click Search Providers.

Managing search providers in Manage Add-ons
You can manage your search providers in Manage Add-ons

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