Record sound

Using Sound Recorder, you can record sound as a digital media file on your computer from a variety of devices, such as a microphone that is plugged in to your sound card. The types of audio input sources you can record from depend on the audio devices you have, as well as on the input sources that are available on the sound card that is installed on your computer.

  1. Make sure you have an audio input device, such as a microphone, connected to your computer.

  2. Click Start, click All Programs, click Accessories, and then click Sound Recorder.

  3. Click Start Recording.

  4. To stop recording audio, click Stop Recording.

  5. (Optional) If you want to continue recording audio, click Cancel. In the Save As dialog box, click Resume Recording, continue to record sound, and then click Stop Recording.

  6. Click the File name box, type a file name for the recorded sound, and then click Save to save the recorded sound as an audio file.


  • To use Sound Recorder, you must have a sound card and speakers installed on your computer. If you want to record sound, you also need a microphone.

  • By default, the recorded audio is saved as a Windows Media Audio (WMA) file.

    If you are using Windows Vista Home Basic N or Windows Vista Business N, your Sound Recorder files are saved as .wav files rather than .wma files.

  • You can play your recording in a digital media player program that supports playback of WMA files.