Take and use a picture from a video frame in Windows Movie Maker

You can take a picture of an individual frame from an imported video clip in Windows Movie Maker and then use that picture in your movie as a still picture. Pictures that you take from video clips in Windows Movie Maker are automatically saved as JPEG files, with a .jpg file name extension.

  1. In the Contents pane, click the video clip that you want to take a picture from.

  2. Under the monitor, drag the playback indicator on the seek bar to the frame of the video that you want to capture as a picture. You can use the Next Frame and Previous Frame buttons under the preview monitor to find the exact frame that you want.

  3. Click Tools, and then click Take Picture from Preview.

  4. Type a name for the picture file, and then click Save.


  • You can also take a picture from a video clip on the storyboard/timeline, but taking a picture from the clip in the Contents pane often provides a higher-quality image.