Windows Essentials 2012 Release Notes

Windows Photo Gallery 2012

This page provides late-breaking or other information about Windows Photo Gallery 2012.

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Photo Fuse: Photos with nondescript backgrounds might not align well

The technology that Photo Gallery uses to create a Photo Fuse aligns the background information in the base photo with the section being replaced. Photos that don’t have well-defined backgrounds might not align well when creating a Photo Fuse.

Photo Fuse: Photos taken at different zooms might not align

For Photo Fuse to align and work best, the photos should be taken at similar zoom levels and from similar vantage points. Large movements in the photo or changes in zoom level might prevent alignment from taking place, or create suboptimal composites.

Photo Fuse: You might see distinct seams when you create a Photo Fuse

Movement in the photos used to create a Photo Fuse might cause distinct seams between the sections of the finished composite. To create a smoother composite, select a region around the subject that captures most of the movement.

Photo Fuse: No more than 10 photos can be used

To ensure good performance of Photo Fuse, there's a limit of 10 photos you can use to create a composite.

Dynamic ribbon galleries are limited to 1,000 items

Ribbon galleries can't contain more than 1,000 items. This limit most likely impacts the Dates filter gallery on the Find tab. When the limit is reached, only the 1,000 most recent dates are displayed. However, no data is lost—all photos still exist, they just don't appear in the ribbon gallery—and the other date-related Find galleries (Months and Years) continue to work.

Tags: Global suggestion tags in photos and videos appear different in Batch people tagging mode

When a global People tag suggestion for a photo or video comes from OneDrive or Facebook, and is presented in Batch people tagging mode as a suggestion for a person, the thumbnail shown doesn't appear as expected. For photos, the thumbnail isn't square (it has the same aspect ratio as the original image), and for videos, gray thumbnails appear.

Also, if there's more than one face in the photo, there might be confusion about who in the photo is being tagged.

Tags: Landmarks and other locations might not be available for geotagging

Landmarks (such as the Eiffel Tower) aren't supported in the current implementation of geotagging.

DirectX 10 video cards need updated drivers for optimal performance

If you have a DirectX 10 video card, make sure you have the latest drivers installed on your PC. Older versions don’t support the Photo Gallery viewer pixel format and thus have poorer performance while viewing and editing photos.

Photo Gallery might not correctly display photos on some laptops

The graphics driver used by some Lenovo ThinkPad PCs might prevent some photos from displaying while you're looking through a collection in the one-up mode. Updating your PC's graphics driver might fix this problem.

Photo Gallery can't start if your PC doesn't have Windows Media Player installed

Photo Gallery can't start if it's installed on an edition of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 that doesn't include Windows Media Player. Go to the Get Windows Media Player webpage to get Windows 7 with Windows Media Player. To resolve this issue for a Windows 8.1 N Edition operating system, go to the Microsoft Download Center to install the Media Feature Pack for all Windows 8.1 N and KN editions.