Internet Explorer vs. other browsers

See how Internet Explorer stacks up against other leading browsers

Faster than Chrome, Firefox & Opera

WebKit SunSpider tests browsers' JavaScript execution performance. In November 2013, a SunSpider test was run on leading browsers. The SunSpider benchmark shows Internet Explorer to be faster than other browsers tested (Chrome 28, Firefox 22, and Opera 15).

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More fluid than Safari

An independent survey of 40 people in the Seattle, WA area by Mozaic Group compared using Internet Explorer on a Windows 8 tablet to Safari on an iPad. Participants were surveyed on specific areas of the browsing experience, including the features of each browser. 95% of participants preferred the fluid, seamless design of Internet Explorer to Safari.

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Safer and more secure

A 2014 study by NSS Labs compared the performance of five leading browsers, including Internet Explorer against 754 samples of malicious software. Internet Explorer showed a higher block rate (99.9%) of malware than the other browsers in the study.

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