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SmartScreen Filter and other security features help make web browsing safer—watch this video to see how

Cybercriminals continue to rely on deceptive social engineering attacks to prey on unsuspecting web users. Whether it's via an email that appears to be from your bank, a search result for popular content such as games and movies, an advertisement or a link in an instant message promising free stuff, or a fake notification from a social networking site, there is virtually no trick they haven't tried. Internet Explorer 8 includes Smartscreen Filter, so you can browse with more confidence knowing you have a greater chance of being protected when you are targeted by one of these attacks.

SmartScreen Filter is a set of technologies designed to help protect you from evolving web and social engineering threats. If a malicious website is detected, the entire site is blocked. Smartscreen Filter can also provide a "surgical block" of malware or phishing hosted on legitimate websites—blocking just the malicious content without affecting the rest of the site.

A website blocked by SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer  8
This website has been blocked by SmartScreen Filter

Another new feature is protection from malicious downloads. If you attempt a download that has been reported as unsafe, Internet Explorer 8 will block the download and show you a warning. You'll still have the option to continue with the download if you're certain that it's safe.

A download blocked by SmartScreen Filter in Internet Explorer  8
This download has been blocked by SmartScreen Filter

We recommend that you keep the SmartScreen filter turned on. You can enable or disable it at any time. You can also help improve the web for everyone by reporting suspected malicious sites.

For more information, see SmartScreen Filter: frequently asked questions.

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