New Tab page

Picture of the New Tab page
Manage your favorite sites with the New Tab page

Internet Explorer 9 surfaces the websites you love most and puts them one click away. Once you're in the browser, the New Tab page helps get you started browsing quickly, providing meaningful suggestions and information to help you decide what to do next as you browse.

To open the New Tab page, click the New Tab button or press CTRL+T. Each site's icon and primary color is used to help your more easily identify each site, which is helpful when you have many sites to choose from. Also, a site indicator shows if the site is one you visit often or not. Your favorite sites are shown with the sites you visit most frequently listed first. And if your taste in favorite sites changes over time, no problem—you can close them to remove them.

From the New Tab page you can also reopen closed tabs, reopen your last browser session, or start InPrivate Browsing. InPrivate sessions won't track page visits in the New Tab page. You can also pin sites from the New Tab page to the taskbar for quick access to your favorite sites.