Tab isolation and recovery

Browse uninterrupted with Internet Explorer 9

If you lose your connection to a website while using Internet Explorer 9, your entire browsing session won’t be lost. Reliability features—like tab isolation and recovery, and automatic crash recovery—keep you browsing without hiccups.

Browse uninterrupted

Website crashes are isolated to individual tabs, not entire browser windows. If a site crashes on one tab, the rest of your browsing session isn’t interrupted. You keep browsing, undisturbed. After the problem is identified, Internet Explorer 9 automatically recovers the tab. If one or more of your tabs closes or crashes unexpectedly, they’re automatically reloaded, and you’re returned to the site you were on before the crash. Internet Explorer 9 also includes new support for unresponsive websites, so that you will be prompted if the website you're trying to access is not responding or is timed out for some reason.

Clear messaging

Internet Explorer 9 communicates problems when they arise. Tab recovery messaging, integrated into the Notification Bar, clearly states what the problem is, so you’re able to better understand what, if anything, you need to do to address the issue.