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Add all your email accounts to


If your email service has POP access, you can add it to We automatically check your POP account for new messages every 30 minutes, and you can receive up to 50 new messages at a time. Any remaining messages will be included the next time your mail synchs.

Add your POP account

POP accounts can only import email messages from the inbox folder.

  1. In your POP account, move all the mail you want into the inbox.

  2. Sign in to your account.

  3. Click the Options icon Options icon, and then click Options.

  4. Under Managing your account, click Your email accounts.

  5. Under Add an email account, click Add a send-and-receive account.

  6. Enter the email address and password of the email account that you want to add to, and then click Next. automatically fills in the recommended settings. If you're prompted to verify the settings, or if can't connect to the POP mail server, check with your email provider to verify that the POP and SMTP settings are correct.

  7. Choose the location—your inbox or another folder—where you want mail from this account to go, and then click Save.


  • Depending on how many email messages you have, it could take 24 hours or more for all your email to appear in

  • The maximum size email message (including attachments) that you can import or receive, is 25 MB.

  • You can add up to 13 accounts total to your account.

Choose a "From" address

You can send email from any account you've added to

  1. Click New to start a new mail.

  2. Click the down arrow next to your email address (upper left).

  3. Select from the list of addresses.

Set your default "From" address

If you send a lot of email from one of your addresses, you can set it as your default "From" address.

  1. Click the Options icon Options icon, then click Options.
  2. Click Your email accounts.

  3. Under Default "From" address, select the address you'd like to send from by default.

  4. To return to your inbox, click the logo in the upper left.

Sort incoming email into folders

If you want to keep email from different addresses separate (for example, your personal address and business address), can automatically sort incoming mail into different folders.

  1. Click the Options icon Options icon, then click More mail settings.
  2. Under Customizing Outlook, click Rules for sorting new messages, and then click New.

  3. Under Step 1:

    On the first list, select To or Cc line.

    On the second list, select contains.

    In the text box, enter the address for the email you want to sort.

  4. Under Step 2, do one of the following:

    If the folder already exists, select Move to and select the folder from the list.

    If the folder doesn’t exist yet, select Move to a new folder, and enter the folder name.

    You can also automatically forward, delete, add or remove a category, or flag the message.

  5. Click Save.


  • Messages sent to a mailing list won't be added to this folder.

For more help with adding email accounts, contact customer support.

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