Calculator app for Windows: FAQ

Here are some answers to frequently asked questions about the Calculator app for Windows. You can use the Calculator app for Windows for everything from simple math and conversions to scientific calculations.

For info on the Calculator app in the desktop, see Calculator: frequently asked questions. You can also find more calculator and math apps available for download in the Windows Store.

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What are the different modes in Calculator?

Calculator comes with a Standard mode for basic calculations, a Scientific mode for more advanced math, and a Converter for converting between units of measure.

How do I convert values from one unit of measurement to another?

  1. Open Calculator.

  2. Tap or click Converter.

  3. Choose from the drop down menu what unit of measure you want to convert from. You can choose from:

    • Volume

    • Length

    • Weight

    • Temperature

    • Energy

    • Area

    • Speed

    • Time

    • Power

    • Data

  4. Once you've made your selection, select the unit of measure you want to convert to from the drop-down menus.

  5. Enter the number of units you want to convert using the number pad. The converted units of measure will appear automatically.

How do I use Calculator side by side with other apps?

  1. Open Calculator.

  2. Open another app you would like to use alongside Calculator.

  3. With touch, slide your finger in from the left edge to bring in Calculator, then drag it to the left or right side of the screen until an opening appears behind it.
    (With a mouse, move your pointer into the upper-left corner until Calculator appears, and then drag it to the left or right side of the screen until an opening appears behind it.)

  4. Adjust the width of the Calculator by moving the bar between apps.

How can I store numbers I want to remember or reuse?

In both Standard and Scientific mode, you can enter a value into the calculator and save it to Memory so it's easier to reuse. Here's how:

  1. When the number you want to store has been entered into the calculator (either by hand or as the result of calculations), tap or click the M button.

  2. The number you've stored in Memory will appear to the right of the number pad under Memory. (If you're using Calculator alongside another app, numbers in Memory will appear at the bottom of your screen.) You can store up to 100 numbers in Memory at a time.

  3. To use numbers in Memory, tap or click the number in the Memory list. The number will appear in the calculator.

To delete numbers from Memory

  1. Swipe in from the bottom edge.
    (If you're using a mouse, right-click within the keypad area.)

  2. Tap or click Clear memory. This will clear all the numbers you have stored in Memory.

What keyboard shortcuts can I use with Calculator?

Keyboard shortcuts can be very useful when you need to make calculations quickly. Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts you can use with calculator:

Keyboard shortcut


Switch to Standard mode


Switch to Scientific mode


Switch to Converter mode


Clear all numbers from memory


Press the M button


Use M+ on the most recent number in memory


Use M- on the most recent number in memory


Recall the most recent number in memory


Press the +/– button


Press the 1/× button


Press the square root () button


Press the CE button


Press the C button


Select Degrees in Scientific mode


Select Radians in Scientific mode


Select Grads in Scientific mode


Press the 10x button in Scientific mode


Press the sin-1 button in Scientific mode


Press the cos-1 button in Scientific mode


Press the tan-1 button in Scientific mode


Press the y√x button in Scientific mode

(If your language is set to Polish or Slovak, %)

Press the Mod button in Scientific mode


Press the log button in Scientific mode


Press the ln button in Scientific mode


Press the ex button in Scientific mode


Press the cos button in Scientific mode


Press the pi (π) button in Scientific mode

(If your language is set to Polish, Q ASCII)

Press the x2 button in Scientific mode


Press the sin button in Scientific mode


Press the tan button in Scientific mode


Press the F-E button in Scientific mode


Press the xy button in Scientific mode


Press the n! button in Scientific mode

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