How to solve connection problems with Windows Update

To keep your PC up to date, Windows Update needs to connect to the Internet. When there's a problem with this connection, you'll see an error saying that updates can't be downloaded. Here are some things you can try to solve this problem.

Check your Internet connection

Before you try anything else, you should make sure that your PC is connected to the Internet. You can try using the Internet Connections troubleshooter that will automatically fix some common problems with going online.

  • Open the Network troubleshooter by swiping in from the right edge of the screen, tapping Search (or if you're using a mouse, pointing to the upper-right corner of the screen, moving the mouse pointer down, and then clicking Search), entering Identify and repair in the search box, and then tapping or clicking Identify and repair network problems.

Wait a few minutes and try again

Many connection errors are caused by temporary problems with the Internet. Wait a few minutes, and then try running Windows Update again. You can also wait and let Windows Update run on schedule if you've turned on automatic updating.

Run a troubleshooter

If you're still having trouble, you can try using the Windows Update troubleshooter to automatically fix some common problems with Windows Update.

Go to the Microsoft Community website

You can search for solutions to many problems by searching the forums on the Microsoft Community website.

Error codes related to connection problems with Windows Update

  • WindowsUpdate_80070008

  • WindowsUpdate_800705B4

  • WindowsUpdate_8007000E

  • WindowsUpdate_80072EE2

  • WindowsUpdate_80072EE7

  • WindowsUpdate_80072EEF

  • WindowsUpdate_80072EFE

  • WindowsUpdate_8024400E

  • WindowsUpdate_80072F76

  • WindowsUpdate_80244016

  • WindowsUpdate_80072F78

  • WindowsUpdate_80244022

  • WindowsUpdate_80090305

  • WindowsUpdate_8024402F

  • WindowsUpdate_8009033F

  • WindowsUpdate_C80003FA

  • WindowsUpdate_80244008

  • WindowsUpdate_C800042D

  • WindowsUpdate_8024400A

  • WindowsUpdate_80071A90

  • WindowsUpdate_8024400D

  • 0x80070008

  • 0x800705B4

  • 0x8007000E

  • 0x80072EE2

  • 0x80072EE7

  • 0x80072EEF

  • 0x80072EFE

  • 0x8024400E

  • 0x80072F76

  • 0x80244016

  • 0x80072F78

  • 0x80244022

  • 0x80090305

  • 0x8024402F

  • 0x8009033F

  • 0xC80003FA

  • 0x80244008

  • 0xC800042D

  • 0x8024400A

  • 0x80071A90

  • 0x8024400D

  • 80070008

  • 800705B4

  • 8007000E

  • 80072EE2

  • 80072EE7

  • 80072EEF

  • 80072EFE

  • 8024400E

  • 80072F76

  • 80244016

  • 80072F78

  • 80244022

  • 80090305

  • 8024402F

  • 8009033F

  • C80003FA

  • 80244008

  • C800042D

  • 8024400A

  • 80071A90

  • 8024400D

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