Security checklist for Windows

Take advantage of all the ways you can help keep your PC safer and more secure with Windows.

Action Center

Action Center icon

Check Action Center to make sure your firewall is on, your antimalware protection is up to date, and your PC is set to install updates automatically.

Windows Defender

Windows Defender icon

Use Windows Defender to help prevent viruses, spyware, and other malicious or unwanted software from being installed on your PC without your knowledge.

Windows SmartScreen

Windows SmartScreen icon

Use WindowsSmartScreen to help protect your PC by warning you before running unrecognized apps and files downloaded from the Internet.

User Account Control

User Account Control icon

Make User Account Control (UAC) ask for permission before your PC installs software or opens certain kinds of apps that could be potentially harmful or make it vulnerable to security threats.

File History

File History icon

Use File History to regularly back up your personal files—like photos, documents, and music—automatically. If your PC has a hardware failure, you can restore any versions of the files that are most important to you.

Windows Update

Windows Update icon

Use Windows Update to automatically download and install the latest updates for your PC.

Windows Firewall

Windows Firewall icon

Turn on Windows Firewall to help prevent hackers and malicious software, such as viruses, from accessing your PC through the Internet.

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