What to do if Windows 8.1 Setup stops responding

If you're using Upgrade Assistant or a DVD to upgrade to Windows 8.1, and the Setup program stops responding, here are some possible causes and things you can try to fix the problem.

  • Setup might still be working in the background. It can take up to two hours for Windows 8.1 to install. If you've waited two hours, restart your PC to see if it shows the Windows welcome screen.

  • Your PC might have hardware or drivers that aren't compatible. If Upgrade Assistant didn't complete, check the Windows Compatibility Center for any known hardware or driver incompatibilities. Disconnect all unnecessary external hardware from your PC before running the Windows 8.1 Setup program again.

  • Your PC might have software that's blocking the upgrade. If you have antivirus software, you might need to uninstall it before upgrading to Windows 8.1. We recommend that you use removal tools provided by the software manufacturer, if available. If you're using encryption software, you might need to suspend it before upgrading.

  • There might be a problem with the installation media. For best results, install directly from the Windows 8.1 Setup program. However, if you do create installation media to install Windows 8.1, then we recommend you use a USB flash drive rather than a DVD. If you need or prefer to use a DVD, select a slower write speed for burning the DVD—the slower the write speed, the better the chance that the burning process will succeed.

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