You can adjust the brightness and contrast of your monitor to improve the readability of text and to make digital pictures appear more like they will look when they're printed.

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Adjust your monitor using a calibration program

You'll get the best results when adjusting your monitor by using a calibration program. There are a number of programs available to help you optimize your monitor's display. They usually work in conjunction with a device that temporarily attaches to the front of your monitor to read light and color levels and automatically make changes to your monitor's display.

Adjust your monitor manually

You can make adjustments to your display to improve its brightness or contrast by using the controls that are usually found on the front of the monitor, but keep in mind that these adjustments will be less refined than if you use a calibration program.

Most monitors use standard symbols to represent brightness and contrast, but since the location and operation of brightness and contrast controls varies from monitor to monitor, you might need to experiment or check the information that came with your monitor.

Illustration of brightness and contrast symbols
Brightness and contrast symbols