Play a CD or DVD

Using Windows Media Player, you can play audio CDs or data CDs that contain music or video files (also known as media CDs) and video CDs (VCDs). VCDs are similar to DVDs, although the video quality is not as high.

To play DVDs, you must have a DVD drive and a compatible DVD decoder installed on your computer. If you encounter an error that indicates that you are missing a DVD decoder, click Web Help on the error message dialog box to determine how to obtain one.

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To play a CD or DVD

  1. Start the Player and insert the CD or DVD you want to play into the drive. Typically, the disc will start playing. If it doesn't, or if you want to select a disc that is already inserted, click the arrow below the Now Playing tab, and then click the drive that contains the disc.

  2. For a DVD or VCD, do the following, if appropriate:

    • In the List pane, click a DVD title or chapter name.

    • In the List pane, double-click a VCD segment.

To skip songs when playing a CD

You can skip songs that you do not like when playing a CD. To skip a song, do the following:

  1. Click the Now Playing tab.

  2. Click the Next button Picture of the Next button while the song is playing. The song will be skipped and become dimmed in the playlist. If repeat is turned on, the song will not be played during that playback session. If you accidentally skip a song you'd like to hear, double-click the song in the playlist. It will be played immediately and won't be skipped anymore.