Windows Home Server 2011

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Windows Home Server-based computers are available in a number of configurations and designs, and from a broad range of manufacturers. Availability varies by country and region. Please check with your retailer for local availability, or check out some of the recommended servers below.

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Building your own server

If you're interested in purchasing software to build your own Windows Home Server system, please check with your software retailer for local availability.

RevoCenter from Acer

RevoCenter from Acer—Powered by Windows Home Server 2011

The Acer RevoCenter RC110/RC111 lets you store your digital treasures and share them with family and friends. This compact yet powerful storage device features a hardworking processor and hefty hard disk space for your ever-growing collection of photos, sounds, videos, and movies.

For availability in your country, check the worldwide Acer page.

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