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Stay social with

You can chat, add contacts from popular social networks, and manage your social network content. Unfortunately, you can no longer connect your Facebook contacts to your account. For more information, please go to Facebook Connect is no longer available

Your friends in one place

Add contacts from your Twitter, Google, LinkedIn, and other networks, and changes such as address updates will automatically update in

Contact list in People

Click the arrow next to Outlook at the top of your inbox. logo and arrow

Then click People., People, Calendar, and OneDrive

If you don't see the list of networks available (such as Google and Twitter) click Manage, and then click Add people.

Click the network you want to add and follow the instructions on the screen.

You can set whether or not other people can find your public social network account by your email address and/or phone number. is committed to your privacy and empowering you with control over your information.

Find out more about managing your contact list, including how to add or delete contacts from Groups.

Chat right from your inbox

If you see that a Skype friend is online, you can quickly send them an IM right from your inbox. Just click the chat icon in the upper right and select an IM contact in the Start new conversation box.

Sample chat in Messaging

You can also make Skype calls right from your inbox. Find out more about how to use Skype with

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You can try using your existing Gmail account.

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