Touch Pack: How to play Microsoft Rebound

To play Microsoft Rebound, you must be running the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7, a program for Windows Touch users. For more information, see What's the Microsoft Touch Pack for Windows 7?

Microsoft Rebound is a game in which you use your fingertips to move Tesla balls with an electrical field between them to try and catapult a metal game ball into your opponent's goal. Play against the computer or challenge a friend and battle it out in the electronic court for the championship of the Microsoft Rebound circuit.

The goal of this game

The objective of Microsoft Rebound is to reach a target score or score more points than your opponent during a set time period. You try to launch the game ball into the opposing player's goal using Tesla balls and the electrical energy generated between them that acts as a paddle. As you play, you can collect "power-ups" to enhance your game play and give you an advantage.

The game has different playing fields that you can choose and modify to create a unique and challenging experience.

Starting the game

  1. On the menu screen, tap Play.

  2. On the Game Type screen, do the following:

    • Pick your opponent. Battle it out with the computer or a friend.

    • Pick your playing field. Tap the arrow keys to see all the playing fields. Continue when you see the field you want.

  3. Tap Advanced, and then do the following:

    • Under GAME TYPE, tap the buttons above and below the lit numbers to select either a target score you must reach to end the game or a time period in which you must try to defeat your opponent.

    • Under DIFFICULTY LEVEL, Tap the dial to select Easy, Medium, or Hard.

    • Under POWER ITEMS, tap the power items you want to appear in the game.

  4. Press Start to begin playing.

The game arena

The game takes place in the Mechanized Microsoft Rebound Arena, a smooth metallic playing field surrounded by the inner workings of a machine. You must tap both your Tesla balls on the playing field and move them around with your fingers. A large arc of electrical energy is generated between the two spheres. Use this energy to catapult the game ball to the opponent's goal.

A red electric field divides the arena into two sides. You can't pass through this field with your Tesla balls. You must try and maneuver your Tesla balls and the electric field between them to stop and catch the game ball.

To exit the game, tap the Close button Picture of the Close button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Hints and tricks

  • The multiball can make or break your game. Make sure you take control when this item is loose.

  • Use the Tesla balls to attack, and the arc of electrical energy between them to defend your goal.

  • Don't play too far from your goal.

  • Goal power items can give you the advantage.

  • Don't be overly aggressive.

Power items

The game contains several power items that control the goals, electrical field, and balls.

Power item
What it looks like
What it does

Ball for stationary electrical field

Picture of a ball for a stationary electrical field

Puts a stationary electrical field in front of your goal that can stop one goal attempt.

Ball for moving electrical field

Picture of a ball for a moving electrical field

Puts a moving electrical field in front of your goal that continuously stops goal attempts.

Ball for extending electrical charge

Picture of a ball to extend the paddle charge

Extends the electrical charge between the Tesla balls.

Ball for shortening electrical charge

Picture of a ball to shorten the paddle charge

Shortens the electrical charge between the Tesla balls.


Picture of a power item to add more balls

Adds two more balls on the playing field.

Speed ball

Picture of a power item to speed up the game ball

Speeds up the game ball.

Slow ball

Picture of a power item to slow down the game ball

Slows down the game ball.