Demo: Building media libraries with Windows Media Center

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Watch this demo to learn how to build media libraries so you can enjoy your music, pictures and videos from within Windows Media Center.




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Hi. I'm Lisa Schlichting from the Windows Media Center team, and today, I'll show you how to create media libraries so that you can enjoy your pictures, music, and videos, all within Windows Media Center.

The first time you start Windows Media Center, it will automatically look for digital media files in the Pictures, Videos, and Music folders on your computer. If you have media in these folders then you don't actually need to do anything. But you're also not limited to just these folders. You can choose other folders on your computer or home network that you want Windows Media Center to monitor and pull from. When you add folders, the compatible media files these folders will appear in the appropriate Picture, Video, or Music library in Windows Media Center. Now, each time you start Windows Media Center, it will look for media files in the folders that you select. And, if you add or remove a file from any of these folders, Windows Media Center will automatically update the corresponding library.

To add a folder to monitor, open Windows Media Center, go to Tasks, and then Settings. After selecting Library Setup, choose Add folder to watch and then select the folders on your computer that you want Windows Media Center to monitor. A check box should appear next to each selected folder. After completing your selections, click Next, and then Finish. Keep in mind that when you add a folder, all files and subfolders will also be included.

To make your personal pictures and home videos available to different users on the same computer or network, save your media to the public folders on your computer and then set Windows Media Center to monitor them. It's also worth noting that it might take several minutes for the files for newly added folders to appear in the Windows Media Center libraries. Finally, if you already have your music and videos set up in Windows Media Player, you're good to go, because Windows Media Center pulls from the same library.

So now that you've set up your media libraries, you can enjoy your photo slide shows, as well as your home videos and music, all from one simple menu. For more information, visit or go to the Help and Support menu on your computer and type in media center libraries.