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Watch this demo to learn how to record, and monitor your favorite players, sports teams, and leagues with Windows Media Center.




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If you like watching sports, then you'll love Windows Media Center Sports Lounge, which is included with Windows Vista Home Premium and Ultimate. Hi, I'm Joel Berman from the Windows Media Center team. And I'm going to show you how you can take your sports television viewing experience to the next level.

Through partnership with, Sports Lounge is the place to catch your favorite games, players, teams, and fantasy sports leagues, all from the most comfortable chair in your home. You'll need to set up a TV tuner first. And ideally, you're using an extender for Windows Media Center to enjoy the big screen experience, like I am here. For setup assistance, please check out our videos on these topics. Keep in mind that many of the features I'll be showing you here require Internet access. So to take full advantage, make sure your PC has a broadband connection.

So let's begin by opening Windows Media Center and going to sports. Select the on now tile and you can watch your favorite game live while seeing real-time scores from other games on the live scoreboard that runs across the top of your screen. The live scoreboard shows scores for all games on channels that you receive from your antenna or service provider. If you want to watch a different game, just select the game from the live scoreboard and Windows Media Center will go to that channel. There's no need to go to the guide first. If there are no games airing at a certain time, other sports-related content will be highlighted across the top of your screen. While you're enjoying your game, provides sporting news updates along the bottom of your screen. If you see a story you're interested in, select it and you'll be connected to the online sports portal, which includes injury reports, depth charts, photos, and videos.

With the scores tile, you can see the scores for professional and college games in the United States or Canada, including the last play, or who scored last. The scores are arranged by sport, and Fox Sports continually updates them, so you'll always know who's on top. You can even catch up on games you've missed, by viewing scores from past week for your favorite sports league.

You don't need to search the Guide to find out when the sports you care about will be on. On later finds all the games airing from your television service over a two-week period, and arranges them according to date and sport. You can even record a future game with the press of a button on your remote. Just find the game you want to watch press the Record button, and Windows Media Center adds it to your scheduled recordings.

And when you go into the players tile, you can track your favorite professional athletes or fantasy league players. You can ad the specific players you want to track, and you can view stats over the course of the season, or for a current or recent game. Once you've set up your fantasy team, you can track what they're doing while you're watching a live game. If one of your fantasy players makes a huge play or is coming up to bat on another channel, you'll be notified, and you can click to go to that channel to watch the play.

So that's Sports Lounge. Enjoy! And to learn more about what you can do with Windows Media Center, visit