Show or hide the Favorites bar in Internet Explorer 8

Ove informacije se odnose na Windows Internet Explorer 8.

The Internet Explorer Favorites bar enables you to open favorite webpages, Web Slices, and feeds with a single click. You can choose to show or hide the Favorites bar.

  1. Otvorite Internet Explorer tako što ćete kliknuti na dugme StartSlika dugmeta „Start“, a zatim izabrati stavku Internet Explorer.

  2. Click the Tools button, point to Toolbars, and then do one of the following:

    • To hide the Favorites bar, click Favorites Bar to clear the check mark.

    • To show the Favorites bar, click Favorites Bar to select it (a check mark will be displayed beside it).


  • If you show the Favorites bar, but it is not fully visible, right-click it, and then click Lock the Toolbars to clear the check mark. Drag the Favorites bar to the left to display your feeds, favorites, and Web Slices.

  • For more information on working with feeds, favorites, and Web Slices on the Favorites bar, see Customize your Favorites bar.