What are Internet Explorer styles?

Ove informacije se odnose na Windows Internet Explorer 8.

A style—or style sheet—is the code that a webpage uses to define its appearance and formatting. Styles can define webpage attributes such as fonts, columns, headings, and how images are displayed. By using styles, web developers can separate the formatting from the content. Web developers can also provide more than a single style for their website by providing alternate styles. If the website provides alternate styles, you can change the formatting of the webpages, or you can choose to turn styles off completely.

Here are just a few of the uses for Internet Explorer styles:

  • Accessibility. Websites can offer alternate style sheets designed for different needs, locales, and so on.

  • Printing. A website can offer a printable version of each webpage without requiring print buttons on each page.

  • Demos. Web developers can quickly change styles to demonstrate multiple website designs that use the same content.

  • Blogs. Websites can offer summaries and complete views of blog postings.

To change a style

  1. Otvorite Internet Explorer tako što ćete kliknuti na dugme StartSlika dugmeta „Start“, a zatim izabrati stavku Internet Explorer.

  2. Click the Page button, point to Style, and then click the style you want to use to display the webpage.


  • To enable you to change your current style, the website must provide alternate styles.

  • You can also change styles from the View menu.

  • For more information about using style sheets for accessibility, see Use your own style sheet to format webpages.