Import messages to Windows Mail from other e‑mail programs

You can switch to Windows Mail from some existing e‑mail programs without losing access to your existing e‑mail messages. Windows Mail can import messages from Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Outlook Express. It can also import messages from Windows Mail running on another computer.

  1. Open Windows Mail by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking All Programs, and then clicking Windows Mail.

  2. Click the File menu, point to Import, and then click Messages.

  3. Follow the instructions to import your e‑mail messages.


  • If you are upgrading your computer from a previous version of Windows, keep in mind that Windows Mail will automatically import messages from Outlook Express. Windows Mail replaces Outlook Express in this version of Windows.

  • When you import messages, Windows Mail does not import account settings. To import e‑mail account settings, click the Tools menu, click Accounts, and then click Import.