To find a list of programs that have earned the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo or the "Works with Windows Vista" logo, go online to the Windows Vista Compatibility Center. It contains a list of thousands of programs that work with Windows Vista, as well as compatible hardware. You can search the Compatibility Center website by product name or browse many different categories of hardware and software.

There are many programs that are compatible and work well with this version of Windows that are not listed on the Compatibility Center website. This is because such programs have not yet gone through the Windows Vista logo program or are still going through it. New programs are continually being added to the list.

Picture of the "Certified for Windows Vista" logo and the "Works with Windows Vista" logo
When buying new programs, look for the "Certified for Windows Vista" or "Works with Windows Vista" logo

Most programs written for Windows XP also work in this version of Windows, but some older programs might run poorly or not at all. If a program written for an earlier version of Windows doesn't run correctly, use the Program Compatibility Wizard to change the compatibility settings for the program, or use the program's Compatibility tab to change the settings manually. For more information, see Make older programs run in this version of Windows.


  • If you are considering upgrading to Windows Vista, go to the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor website to learn more about hardware and program compatibility.